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When your checks require two signers,

collect and imprint signatures


Separate the duties without becoming separated

A two-signature requirement is an excellent internal accounting control, but for a small business it usually means using paper checks.
Just because your checks are paper doesn't mean your payment processes must stay in the dark age!

  Preparer prepares paper checks
and supporting documents,
then scans them into EfficiPay
Signers review material online
and electronically sign checks
with a click!
Preparer applies final
signature imprints and
sends checks to payees. Done.

Signatures have come a long way

Signatures are indicators of intent associated with a person.  The indicators don't have to be stylized handwritten script.
Electronic signatures have been considered valid via email, fax -- even telegraph!
Read the Wikipedia articles about the UETA and ESIGN laws.
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