Kevin Andrew Lipscomb - Photography

Database Search

Specify the search criteria using SQL where-clause syntax.
DIV_SPEC The identifier that Kevin has assigned to the Digital Image Volume (compact disk, floppy disk, workflow session, etc) on which the archived digital image is stored.
FRAME_NUM The image's frame number on the associated Digital Image Volume.
BE_AVAIL_AS_HUGE Y if the image is available online at huge resolution, N if not.
CAPTION The free-form caption that Kevin assigned to the image.
TECH_DETAILS The free-form technical details that Kevin provided for the image.  (Sorry, embedded EXIF tags will not be searched.)
ERA The era number that Kevin assigned to the image.
COPYRIGHT_YEAR The 4-digit year in which Kevin copyrighted the image.
HITS The number of times this image has been clicked.
KEYWORDS Keywords associated with the image.
PLACEMENT The placement designator that Kevin specified for the image.

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