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Office of the Uniform Coordinator

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The Uniform Coordinator manages the inventory and distribution of KVRS Official Personnel Uniform parts.


Detailed specifications

Class B Shirt

8711Has the following style elements:

  • White
  • No pleats
    The absence of pleats allows the squad logo to be screen printed on the back.
  • Convertible collar
    A convertible collar is primarily intended to be worn open, but can be worn with a tie when absolutely necessary. The alternative, a banded collar, is primarily intended to be worn with a tie, and is not desirable for our purposes.
  • Epaulets
  • Badge eyelets with internal support strap
  • Pleated pockets with pencil slot left, and hook & loop closure

The prototype KVRS Class B Shirt is the Blauer 8711 or 8721 Short Sleeve Shirt.  Substitutions are acceptable as long as they have the above mentioned style elements.

Although not parts of the KVRS Official Personnel Uniform, the following items are part of the VBDEMS Official Personnel Uniform, and may be worn by KVRS personnel as authorized by 950:

  • Class B jacket:  Horace Small "The Sentry"
  • Class A jacket:  Fechheimer Command Jacket

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